College Preparation and Planning Services

Working with a college preparation coach can help alleviate some of the pressure during a critical time in your family’s journey and can help to preserve healthy family relationships. I can smooth out the college preparation process and lead you through it confidently. To get through the (oftentimes overwhelming) process of preparing for, selecting, and applying to college, I have developed a system of personalized planning tools and customized support to help stay focused and organized. You will receive a personalized calendar and dashboard to help everyone stay on track. In addition, I have a network of highly qualified teachers and tutors to help along the way. As part of this support, you will receive:

Help choosing schools, or evaluating different options

Interest and skill assessments for choosing areas of study

Essay writing support and tutoring for testing

Help on finding scholarships

Financial modeling of options

And more….!

Contact Illuminara Services for more information, for custom-designed programs, and for rates