Help and Services During the Coronavirus Crisis

To Parents and Teachers:

Let’s face it: teaching and learning, especially for school-aged students, is much more powerful in person. But, given this challenging situation we are in, we might need to consider digital or online options. I can offer some unique experiences for students, most of which they will not experience in traditional school settings.

If you are a parent and would like your child to maintain or strengthen skills or gain additional learning, my lessons are unique and supportive of your child’s well-being. Because I am a trained Waldorf teacher, my lessons are highly interactive, contain elements of movement and artistic work, and are very different from most conventional school lessons. Because I also have a background in technology, my lessons are crafted with developmental understanding of learning and screen time engagement, which is different at every age and stage.

I also offer:

Support if you or your child needs assistance understanding or engaging in assignments from your child’s school

Resources for fun and engaging projects, math resources, and other age-appropriate activities

Opportunities for engaging and unique collaborative group projects

Activities that can keep your child busy while minimizing screen time.

If you are a teacher or parent and need help implementing online teaching solutions and/or need technical support, I can help. Click here for tech tips for teaching online.

Some highlights of my work include:

💜learning without technology – healthy, nourishing experiences for all ages that emphasize real-life learning

💜learning with technology – I can help with technical issues, assistive technology, online programs, and creative ideas for teaching online

💜supporting parents with family schedules

💜middle school math (and all levels of elementary school math)

💜science exploration and projects

💜 digital wellness, including computer and security basics, digital literacy and digital citizenship, and staying healthy and safe online for middle school students and older

💜algorithmic thinking and programming basics

💜project management and executive function coaching

💜coaching through the college planning process

💜reading and writing support

💜ideas for nursery and kindergarten students – without technology

💜I know many wonderful teachers/tutors who can help with reading (some using Lindamood-Bell and Orton-Gillingham approaches), handwork and crafts, fine arts, yoga and mindfulness, music, college essay writing, ACT/SAT tutoring, and other specialty areas. All of these wonderful teachers are ready to help with online learning.

Contact me if I can help in any way, and stay healthy and strong. 💜